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Wrathful and melancholic, drawing inspiration from apophatic theology and mystery doctrines, Sanguis Solaris is a project created by Alberto, experienced lyricist and guitar player, who’s been part of the Neapolitan black metal scene from its early days.

After some line-up changes, Alberto brought in Vinz (Orchestra Esteh) as guitar player and, in doing so, songs started being drafted. After a while Marco joined them, shortly followed by former Disturbia drummer Alessandro, thus completing the line-up. And then came Migrations, the first lot of songs officially bearing Sanguis Solaris’ name.

Twenty-three minutes of raiding spirituality that sum up the early years of the band’s production. A maelstrom of layered black metal influenced by different sources inhabits this mystic EP, the first milestone in Sanguis Solaris’ future productions.



  1. Tahalluf   7:02
  2. Migration of the Shadow – Soul   4:15
  3. I am Black (but Comely)   4:44
  4. The Sun Below   7:05

Running time:   23:05

Sanguis Solaris are:

Alberto B. – guitars, lyrics

Marco L. – vocals, bass, lyrics

Vinz N. – guitars, ambience

Alessandro F. – drums

Migrations EP has been composed and arranged by Sanguis Solaris and it’s been recorded by Alberto and Marco between Winter 2020 and Spring 2021 in The Stellar Chamber Studio and In Vino Veritas Private Chambers. Edited, mixed and mastered by Riccardo Studer (Stormlord) at Time Collapse Recording Studio during Summer 2021.  Artwork by Officina Mirabilis.

Sanguis Solaris members would like to thank everyone who’s been there supporting them through the years. To present and former band members, to partners and friends who’ve listened to our ideas in itinere, offering sincere comments and criticism. Thanks to Ennio, Francesco, Tarallo, Giuliano and Riccardo, without whom this EP wouldn’t have seen the light of day. To those we love, we’ve loved and we’ll always love.

To Timo. To Riikka.
Yli aikojen ikuisuuteen.

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